The Wonder of Crystals

Crystals have been part of our planet for far longer than humans. From primitive times, people have collected and used them as tokens of power and beauty. Long lost tribes of Indians, Africans and the early civilisations from all over the world have used them in ceremonies and as part of their culture.

They have been used in religious practises and have been found in ancient tombs and ruins in China, Egypt and many other places. One common link is that all people, past and present, rejoice in their beauty and variation. I think of them like loyal and dear friends.

They enhance my life in so many ways and I can choose whichever I want to be with.

In healing, I believe that they are like tools. They help me to focus and complete my tasks more efficiently and successfully.
Any newcomer to crystals can be guided by books or crystal healers to a selection of stones that work well together. They can wear their birthstones.

Another successful way of choosing crystals is to follow your intuition. You can hold a stone in your hand, clear your mind of daily thoughts and ask for guidance - "is this the crystal for me?"

With practice, you will be able to rely on your judgement for yourself and others.